Misty Dawn Stoddart

Vice President of Mortgage Lending

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great!"

Here at Loans by Misty, we have successfully funded over a billion dollars in residential mortgage loans of all types! We use our “outside of the box” thinking to help more clients than our competition!

We assist everyone ranging from first-time homebuyers, our Veterans, the more complex self-employed clients and everyone in between. We make our clients’ loan experience stress-free and as simple as possible.

We have a true passion for exceeding expectations and getting the job done WELL! I have a true heart for philanthropy supporting many local charities, I love my “board” meetings on my paddleboard or snowboard, and I am an active mother of two great kids!

- Misty Dawn Stoddart

Our Experienced Mortgage Team

The Team

our Competition

How we exceed expectations:

Receive a video message from me introducing you to the LBM Family

  • Thorough “Initial Consultation” of your current financial situation.
  • Discuss short-term and long-term goals.
  • Receive a video message from me introducing you to the MLG Family
  • Conduct a full credit analysis.
  • Suggestions, if any, to improve the FICO score.</li
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Pre-Approval Stage

  • Phone call or email from loan officer asking brief questions.
  • Cursory review of income and assets documents requested,
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During a Live Transaction

  • Conduct a “Third Consultation” once your offer is accepted and contract is received.
  • Ensure loan terms previously discussed still apply.
  • Re-confirm down payment and finalize all terms of your loan.
  • Lock loan terms to avoid volatility in the market.
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During a Live Transaction

  • Loan Officer conducts a cursory review of the contract,
  • Loan Officer has a brief call to lock the loan.
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Client Reviews

Loans by Misty

the rescue lender

We rescue loans other lenders attempted to do! Sellers are nervous, Buyers aren't releasing contingencies...

Loans by Misty to the Rescue!

Beat Out
Competing Offers
& Cash Buyers

Beat Out
Competing Offers
& Cash Buyers


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